Terms Of Service

To users from HomeyCook.

Thanks for reading the Homeycook Summary. This information will help you operate on our booking platform of local cooking classes. It is very important that you know our policies and, for this reason, it is necessary to read and understand the terms of use of the site and read the clauses that enable hiring and limiting rights, highlighted here:

HomeyCook is not a supplier of any products or services advertised on the site. HomeyCook provides a consistent service in the booking offer through an internet platform that connects the tourist and the local cuisine of your destination culture, not only selecting a dish on the menu at some typical restaurant, but cooking with a local resident in his kitchen. For the tourist, the value delivered will be an unforgettable experience where he will know better the culinary habits of the travel destination and therefore have a real contact with the local culture by living with a native, and the cook will open the doors of his home to share with the world all his knowledge of typical dishes of your country and its cultural aspects.

Cooks announce their kitchens, offering their cooking classes for sale, so that any interested in buying (tourists/potential buyers) can schedule the day and time for the exchange of experience.

Cooks may only announce cooking classes that may be used and in date and time reported in the publication, directly establishing the terms of the post and all its features (such as title, price, quantity and format).

The User must accept expressly the Privacy and Confidentiality of Information Terms, which contains clear and complete information about the collection, use, storage, processing and protection of personal data of users (cooks and tourists) of HomeyCook visitors. The User (cooks and tourists) must make a single registration with the first name, last name, email and a user-chosen password (cook or tourist), or the ability to login through Facebook. Homeycook is not responsible for the inappropriate use and disclosure of such information to third parties. The HomeyCook, nor any of its employees or agents, shall by any means, physical or electronic, be informed of your password;

In the case of the violation of the HomeyCook legislation or the terms of use, the situation may, without prejudice to other measures, refuse any membership application, warn and/or suspend, temporarily or permanently the User account (cook or tourist) or post, or impose a penalty that negatively impact its reputation;

t isn’t allowed to advertise products expressly prohibited by law or by the terms of use of the site that do not have proper specific authorization of the competent regulatory authorities, or that infringe rights of third parties;

HomeyCook provides a system for the users (cooks and tourists) qualify the service performed and its counterpart, respecting freedom of expression of who opines. The qualification joins the reputation of the User, represented on the platform by a rating of 5 stars, existing in every kitchen and dish or offered;

Tourist: before deciding to purchase, you should pay attention to the information on the reputation of the Cook, the price, forms of payment, availability (booking), the kitchen and the desired dish

Anyone nominated User (cook or tourist) wishing to use the services of HomeyCook must accept the terms and all other policies and principles that govern it. The acceptance of these terms is absolutely essential to the use of the Sites and services provided by HomeyCook.

The User (cook or tourist) should read, make sure it’s understood and accept all the terms of the General Terms and conditions and privacy policies, as well as other documents incorporated by reference to them before the registration as User (cook or tourist) of HomeyCook.

(For questions, send an email to help@homeycook.com).


The object of the terms and conditions consist of an online platform where local people register their kitchens to give cooking classes and where tourists seek kitchens registered to perform the "booking" (scheduling and confirmation of the day, time and place) of a cooking class. Users (cook and tourist) must be properly authenticated (registered) in the system to get the information and complete the process of "booking". The system will manage the logins of users, kitchens, dishes, booking, location, reviews, and payment of services as the general terms and conditions

Users Registration:

HomeyCook services are available only to individuals or legal entities that have legal capacity to hire them. User's that do not have legal capacity (with respect to individuals) or are not legal representatives (with respect to legal entities) are prohibited, and users (cooks and tourists) who have been suspended from HomeyCook, temporarily or permanently, without prejudice to the application of legal sanctions in the Brazilian Civil Code, in particular, art. 166 I; 171 I and 180 I are also unable to register again.

The User registration (cook and tourist) will only be confirmed after filling in all mandatory registration fields with accurate and truthful information. The User (cook or tourist) declares and undertakes to update the data contained in your registration ("Personal Data") whenever necessary.

By registering for HomeyCook, the User (cook or tourist) can use all services provided stating, therefore, that have read, understood and accepted the Terms and Conditions of Use of the services, and that become an integral part of these terms when completed the order.

The User will access the account via e-mail and password and undertakes not to report such data to third parties, and be fully responsible for the use that is made of them.

HomeyCook is not responsible for the correction of personal data entered by its users (cooks and tourists). Users guarantee and respond, in any case, civil and criminal, for the truthfulness, accuracy and authenticity of registered Personal Data

HomeyCook reserves the right to refuse any membership application and to suspend a previously accepted registration without notice, in case it is in disagreement with the policies and rules of these Terms and conditions.

HomeyCook may, in its sole discretion, carry out the searches he deems necessary to determine incorrect or untrue data and request additional data and documents it considers to be relevant in order to check the informed Personal Data, as well as prevent the publication of photos of kitchens, dishes and comments that are off terms.

f HomeyCook decides to check the accuracy of the registration information of a User (cook or tourist) and find out there are incorrect or untrue data, or if the user (cook or tourist) cheats or refuses to submit the required documents, HomeyCook may suspend or permanently ban the account if it considers necessary and appropriate, without prejudice to other measures.

In the case of the application of any of the above penalties, the ads from its User (cook or tourist), will automatically be canceled, without guarantee, for this reason, of any indemnity or compensation.

The User (cook or tourist) undertakes to notify HomeyCook immediately in a secure environment, in respect of any unauthorized use of the account, as well as its unauthorized access by third parties. The User (cook or tourist) will be solely responsible for the transactions made on the account, since the access is only possible by including the e-mail and password, which should be known and exclusive property of the User (cook or tourist).

In any circunstances it will be allowed to sell, rent or otherwise transfer the account (including up qualifications and reputation). It also isn’t allowed the maintenance of more than one record for the same person, and the creation of new registrations by people whose original records have been temporarily or permanently suspended for the violations of HomeyCook policies.


HomeyCook, offers a virtual space for users registered as cooks to post the kitchen with the main photo background, identification (name of the kitchen), a placeholder free text with the description, a placeholder for details of the rules, the location (map), the name of the owner of the kitchen and his dominated languages (for verbal communication with tourists).

HomeyCook also offers virtual space for registered users to post a photo for the offered dish, with detailed description of the ingredients used in the preparation, the name of the dish, the price per tourist and the minimum and maximum of tourists who can be served simultaneously. Based on this information the user can share his activities with tourists users.

HomeyCook reserves the right, without prior authorization from the cook, to mediate the above information of the content before publishing them. This ensures that false informations or in violation with the general terms and conditions are disclosed.

Users registered as cooks also states that, by publishing a dish, they have in stock items in sufficient quantity to fulfill its offer. HomeyCook can remove those ads, if it is not clear enough, or if they allow any kind of doubt or variation of their contents, to avoid any misunderstanding or misleading as to offer the dish.

It is not allowed to advertise other means of payment that are not expressly provided on the Site. If the User infringe the provisions of this clause, the HomeyCook can edit the ad or ask the User to do so, or remove the advertisement. In this case, any amount paid or payable on the marketed dish won’t be reversed.

HomIntellectual propertyeyCook ensures confidentiality of location information for the safety of cook users. The data will be disclosed only after the "booking" is made.


The users registered as cooks use virtual resources from HomeyCook to organize and report the availability of the cooking classes offered during the week and/or month.

The users must register the dishes available in the calendar with day and time that each class can be served after the kitchen publication. It is the user's responsibility to proper maintenance of dates, times and dishes, and the breach of which was published may result in temporary or definitive suspension, for violations of HomeyCook policies.

The users registered as tourists will use the "booking" to request the purchase confirmation and the presence in the kitchen location. Failing to comply with the booking may result in temporary or definitive suspension, and possible costs for violations of HomeyCook policies.

Considering that the tourist user receives the contact details from the cook user (and vice versa) after announcing his intention to purchase the advertised class, it is not allowed to enter any personal contact information in the ad itself, such as: phone numbers, email addresses, or web pages containing the data mentioned above.

Evaluation of services

Intellectual property

Commercial use of the term "HomeyCook" as a trademark, trade name or domain name as well as the screen contents concerning HomeyCook services and programs, look of the website, databases, networks and files that allow the acess of the User (cook and tourist) are property of HomeyCook and are protected by international laws and treaties of copyright, trademarks, patents and industrial designs. The misuse and the total or partial reproduction of these contents are prohibited unless the prior and express written permission of HomeyCook.

Sites can maintain links with other sites of the network, which does not mean that these sites are owned or operated by HomeyCook. Having no control over these sites, HomeyCook is not responsible for their content, practices and services offered. The presence of links to other sites does not imply partnership relationship, supervision, complicity or solidarity of HomeyCook towards these sites and their contents.

Limitation of Liability

HomeyCook is not responsible for any damages or loss suffered by the User due to failures on the Internet, the system or the server used by the user, arising from conduct of others or major forces. HomeyCook also can’t be liable for any viruses that can attack the user equipment as a result of accessing, using or browsing the Internet or as a result of the data, files, images, text, video or audio transfer

Legislation applicable to the forum

The laws in force in the Federative Republic of Brazil govern all the items of these terms of use. For all matters relating to the interpretation, compliance or any other questions related to these terms of use, the parties agree to submit to the Court of the City of São Paulo-SP, except for claims by users who fit the legal concept of consumers, who may refer such complaints domiciled.