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They are in love with the concept

Joining Homeycook I can mix things I like to do: cooking for others, enjoy a culture that I love very much and keep learning it and meet people from other latitudes, another feeling, another reality.

Mag Mag

Its a way of traveling the world and nurturing yourself and others with much more than food.

Mag Dasha

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How it Works

How it Works

What is HomeyCook?

HomeyCook is a new and unique platform that brings travelers, adventurers, explorers and foodies from all over the world together. Travelers but also other open-minded explorers can experience a unique dining and cooking experience together with (other) local people. HomeyCook brings people together who share the same global mindset and want to experience more. We want you to connect with people from all over the world to get introduced to the tastes, flavors, smells and well-kept secret family recipes of the local cuisine. Book or host a cooking class and experience yourself that nothing connects people from different background's so much as some passionately cooked soul food.

How it Works

Who can become a HomeyCook host?

Everyone who has a passion for cooking and a joy for sharing it with others. You don’t have to be a chef and you don’t have to cook the fanciest meals. It’s the most important that you have fun while cooking and would love to share your skills and experiences with other curious foodies and world explorers. Sign up your kitchen above and follow the instructions. You can determine the date and place of your cooking classes as well as the dish(es) you want to cook and its price.

How it Works

Who can become a HomeyCook guest?

Everyone who has a passion for exploring local culture and getting to know other people with the same global mindset. You should become a HomeyGuest when you are a traveler who wants to explore more than the beaches and sightseeing’s and really wants to experience the local life. You should also become a HomeyGuest when you already know your city pretty well but you want to get to know other people in town and make a great new experience. Sign up for HomeyCook, select a kitchen, wait for the HomeyCook’s confirmation, enjoy a great meal and get to know a lot of awesome people.



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